Battle Illustration

The First Landing


It has been said that Godfrey was first spotted from a meteorite heading towards the planet. His coming was foretold by the Old Gods, “A saviour of light would emerge from a ball of fire in the sky”. When Godfrey emerged there was fear and panic amongst those around him, but without hesitation he stepped forth as rays of searing light scorched the darkness around him, as if he controlled the sun itself. From this moment, Godfrey was proclaimed a god by those who witnessed this magnificent display and thus he granted them the knowledge of unimaginable technology. Capable of revolutionizing their primitive lifestyles and reinvigorating even the poorest of settlements. Technology would come at a grave cost to their civilization, as nations fought with weapons they did not understand, the land was ravaged by war, a brutal conflict where the victors can hope to receive Godfrey’s favor.

Faith to the Gods

In the Second Coming, there is no room for diplomacy, there is only war. Gifted with deadly weapons of war, powerful heroes emerged to claim victory over the battlefield.

Many cycles of war has led to two combined powers, both sides are determined to prove each other wrong and are equally as willing to do anything to turn the tide of war.

The Wars of End Times

The world is split into two factions:

The Church

The Church follows and enforce Godfrey's teachings with unwavering will, believing his gifts will bring ascension to their people.

The Heretics

The Heretics who see Godfrey as a deceitful liar attempting to play God, with his arrival being an endangerment to the planet’s very survival.

The Heroes of the Church


Judgement, Inquisitor von Ordos Veritas.

He is a loyalist to Godfrey by definition. Through sheer resilience and tenacity he has overcome any test of faith that has challenged him.

Through his acts of loyalty, Godfrey granted Judgment with hidden divine powers that allow him to manipulate life around himself and bend it to his will. Judgement acts as a symbol of the Church, preaching Godfrey’s teachings while also being its grand executioner of those who would dare question its truth. Judgement’s reputation on the battle is that of terror and fear to those who oppose him. From battle after battle, eye-witnesses note Judgement being able to enter combat against armies of hundreds of soldiers and emerge unharmed with his enemies drained of life before him. His face remains hidden in robes, shrouding the figure in an aura of mystery to all who approach him. No one knows of Judgement’s origins, whether he was once a man or a manifestation of Godfrey’s will.


Conrad, The Prodigy Archmage

He is well known throughout the world for being a prodigious student, gathering knowledge of ancient runic powers that existed before Godfrey’s arrival. Recently, Conrad had uncovered ancient powers which he believes if infused with Godfrey’s gifts has the ability to project immense power across the world, devastating armies and fortresses from afar. Thus, he keeps his research closely guarded in his spellbook. Binded by multiple incantations and protective sigils, he ensures that no one can ever manipulate the raw potential power it holds, for it can bring great destruction to both the wielder and the world if used carelessly.


Adrian, The Grand Inquisitor.

Adrian acts as a role model to soldiers everywhere, admired by Godfrey’s loyalists and respected by even the Heretical insurgents. Believing in leading by example, Adrian commands his armies from the frontlines, often backing his soldiers where they need him most while also rallying them to pierce through enemy lines. His composure in combat speaks tenfold to his experience; equipped with the Church’s most advanced armor and an enchanted blade acting as an extension of his body, he is a dangerous combatant to not be underestimated. It is said Adrian was one of the first to encounter Godfrey and was granted a special power to enhance his combative and strategic capabilities. Yet strangely, no one knew of him before.